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Brand photography in Toronto is important. Compelling content sells. No other medium ingrains itself memory more than video and photography. Finding the right firm to help cut through this clutter grows your customer base and builds your brand.

How important is photography?

Only ten percent of people remember what they hear. This number only improves to twenty percent with literature. However, eighty percent of people remember what they see. With 93 percent of communication being non-verbal, people process visuals with ease.

Not only are visual mediums retained, customers understand this information faster. Visuals are processed up to 60,000 times faster than text. Marketers discovered that even the look of text improves retention and helps promote your message.

Can visual marketing help my business?

With the power of visual mediums, businesses understand the power of visual marketing. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on advertising in the United States alone each year. Ninety percent of customers claimed that the resulting videos and advertisements were helpful when making a purchase.

Photography promotes image in ways that text cannot. This visual medium pushes your brand precisely as you want without relying on the limited retention of text. Text is well planned to avoid coming off as overly pushy, but images trigger emotion instantly.

In a world where people see up to 5000 advertisements every day, standing out from the crowd is essential. Our powerful photography and videography services allow you to gain an edge in the market.

Can video and photography help me reach my audience online?

With search engine optimization requiring brand recognition including traffic from social media, it is vital that your content has a broad reach. Not only does video help build a brand, but images also produce desirable impacts on social media platforms. Tweets are 94 percent more likely to be retweeted when they contain an image.

Video pushes content beyond television. In the digital realm, images allow content to reach your audience. Forrester Research found that content is 50 times more likely to reach the first page of Google results if it contains a video. Only 29 percent of web surfers reach the second page of results.

Click through improves for video as well. Three hundred percent more visitors continue to other content on a website containing material in this medium.

What is my ROI for video and photography-based marketing?

Visual marketing has a direct impact on the bottom line. Eighty-three percent of businesses believe that this medium provides a significant return on investment.

Demand Metric and Brightcove added weight to this belief. In a study, they found 20 percent more conversion efficiency when using visual marketing tactics. Photography, particularly in reviews and social media, pushes an image your customers relate to, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Our brand photography in Toronto puts your company in the spotlight. This medium improves traffic and produces a significant return on investment. Book a complimentary call today to find out how our professionals can help your business today.





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