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Brand videos have been around for a long time and it is one of the main strategies companies use to gain a following. As local competition is quite fierce, making brand videos in Toronto might be just enough to get your enterprise a boost.


What is a brand video?


Brand videos are a strategic way for content marketers to grab the attention of potential customers in the form of video. With social media being popular, these videos are typically uploaded to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Branded videos have also been featured in television, video games or even pop-up advertisements.


The branded content is either produced by the advertising agency or the business owner, making it so that it is both unique, engaging and relevant to the industry. Instead of being a blatant advertisement, the goal may provide useful content so that the viewer will appreciate the effort put forth by the company.


What is a brand and why is it important?


One of the biggest reasons to have a brand is so that your company is recognizable and has a following of regular buyers. This is why companies will try to perpetuate their brand name, logos, brand video, or slogans so that it is integrated within society.


When people want to buy products regularly from a brand that they can trust and know that it will be reliable in the future. This is why it is important that a company refines its public image and has integrity for long-term customers.


For larger brands, like IBM or Apple, simply having a large brand builds value in the company itself. These brands always have large market capitalizations on the stock market and are open to investors when they have new projects. They are also in the position to borrow large amounts of money when necessary.


What is a brand account on Youtube?


In case you didn’t know, Youtube allows users to push their brand in the form of unique accounts to upload your videos. This also allows you to link a new brand on the platform using your real-life Google account so you don’t have to show your identity. For companies that like to use multiple brands when uploading brand videos in Toronto, it is wise to take advantage of multiple brand accounts.


What is a good example of a Brand Video?


A good way to create a memorable brand video is to make something funny, entertaining and watching multiple-times over. The Dollar Shave Club is the perfect example of a brand not taking advertising seriously and creating fun and edgy content.


Explainer videos are another type that does insanely well, especially if you are involved with B2B sales. These videos allow you to thoroughly explain how to use your product and why it is viable in a certain market.


The worst part about brand videos is that they take a lot of time, effort and expertise to create. Instead of going at it alone, consult with us to create videos to take your brand to the next level.

Brand Videos Toronto
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