Corporate Photography Toronto

For the best corporate photography services in Toronto look no further than Storia Photo + Video. Photographs stir people’s emotions and image is everything when advertising a business. The right images will impact a company’s annual income and bottom line. Most people prefer engaging with visual context versus a large amount of text. Let us help you tell your company’s story with pictures.

Online Presence

When it comes to business expenses, do not ignore the importance of professional photos. Taking the photography into your own hands will negatively impact how your company is perceived. Your customers will see the difference between good and bad photos.


The right corporate photos will make the company website more engaging. Those photos can be used to boost your company’s social media profile (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest). You can also get the photos posted on blogs and articles.

Professional Image

Customers want to get to know you when visiting your company website. Do not try to cut corners by using stock photos! A professional corporate photographer will make you and the company look and feel authentic and professional. Stock photos will give customers the wrong idea about what you can offer, which can eventually lead to the company’s demise.

Feel Connected

Corporate photography is one of the best ways to connect customers to your brand. We at Storia Photo + Video know that creativity is the key to making your images stand out from the competition. The wrong poses and backgrounds will make your company look boring, stiff and uncreative. Corporate headshots humanize companies, increases recognition from business contacts and attract potential employees. Cohesive and organized photographs are essential to brand recognition.

Show Teamwork

At Storia Photo + Video we understand the importance of photographing multiple employees, not just the CEO or Board of Directors. Team photography gives consumers a better sense of what your company does. The company’s culture and personality will shine, for example, if your company has a casual dress code. Images like this will attract customers and job applicants.

There should be a good mix of photos of employees enjoying themselves outside the office and photos of employees doing their tasks. Examples of offsite photos are at a sporting event or the company’s annual holiday party. These photos should be fun so that employees do not get nervous and pose unnaturally. Let the professionals at Storia Photo + Video handle this. Anyone can take a picture of people in the break room. But it takes a real photographer to show how it makes your company attractive. Photos of corporate events also help people connect to your brand.

Office Interior

Professional photos of the office design are also critical. Photos of a well organized office shows people employees who are good at their jobs and how much the company cares about its employees. Office interior photos will also show the amount of confidence you have in your products and services. Only true photographers, like the ones at Storia Photo + Video, can get that message across.

For more information about our corporate photography services call 905.859.2292 or send an e-mail to hello@storiaphotovideo.com.

Corporate Photography Toronto
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