Corporate Video Production Toronto Ontario

Corporate video production in Toronto and Ontario makes use of the most compelling content for your target market and drives sales. These cities possess a wealth of powerful images. Natural wealth is captured in Niagara Falls, engineering prowess through the CN Tower, and sophistication through our many cultural venues and museums.

How does local video production improve my reach?

Compelling content is everything. In an age where people are bombarded by up to 5000 advertisements every day, producing material people want to see is essential. Faced with information overload, most merely ignore material.

Circumventing the issues of the information age means creating a story your customers directly relate to. This means understanding how they think, and the challenges and needs of the region. A customer in sunny Florida needs a vehicle for a different reason than someone in the barren reaches of the upper Yukon.

Social video is particularly effective. Wells Fargo produced 148 videos in the 2018. This strategy paid off with 365 million YouTube views. Their top video received 62 million views on the second largest social media platform, a feat that pushes brand image and recognition.

Most social media platforms target local audiences. Yelp, Google Maps, Twitter, and Facebook and other platforms containing images are particularly useful to your local audiences. Many use these applications at a time when they are most likely to purchase your product.

Finding and targeting your local customers generates brand image and loyalty. Promoting the right content in a video vastly improves your reach and sales.

Does video improve my bottom line?

Video improves your bottom line. Eighty-three percent of businesses claim an increase in revenue when using this medium. Demand Metrics and Brightcove found that video increases conversions by 20 percent.

Return on investment is measured by more than mere revenue. Digital marketing is increasingly important in the information age. Only 29 percent of users reach the second page of Google results. This percentage drops even faster when considering paid advertisements which see a maximum click-rate of only three percent.

Search engines create significant opportunity but require producing content that naturally generates traffic. Organic traffic vastly improves your rankings. Google uses branding based on the popularity of your content in determining rank.

With a focus on natural traffic, the majority of the website on the first page of results contains a video. As content is also ranked based on usefulness, professional quality video is highly essential. Once on a website, high-quality material increases click-through rate by 300 percent.

How can a videography service improve my content?

Compelling marketing requires capturing increasingly divided attention. Professionals understand the necessity of using lighting, angles, and subjects to produce an instant emotion. Tightly cropped frames, audio, and content are crucial to garnering sales.

Professionals know the tools and techniques to make your message heard. Corporate video production in Toronto and Ontario requires understanding how to use this expertise to engage local markets. Our professionals at Storia are ready to help. Contact us today to find out how.

Corporate Video Production Toronto Ontario
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