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Photo and video production in Toronto and Ontario directly target your relevant market. Your customers see up to 5000 advertisements every day. With the presence of so much information, it is essential to stand out from the crowd in a way that connects with your local market.

How important are video and photography in marketing?

People remember more information presented in a visual format than in any other medium. Despite the low cost, readers retain only 20 percent of textual data. Meanwhile, your customers remember up to eighty percent of the information presented in photography and videos.

Ninety-three percent of communication is non-verbal. Images, audio, and even the presentation of text promotes your brand and convert potential clients to sales. People process this visual information up to 60,000 times faster than words.

Within the span of a single frame or picture, advertisers capture the same emotion requiring paragraphs of text. A picture of a family enjoying a film is more effective than a section of text. In an age where attention spans are increasingly limited, this immediate impact gives your material an edge over the competition.

Do people use photography and video?

Well-produced visual content has a direct impact on the reach of your message. Only twenty-nine percent of web surfers reach the second page of Google results with a steep drop off after just the second result.  Most links on the first page of results are to sites containing videos.

Once visiting a website, video content improves click-through rates by 300 percent. This allows you to push your potential customer to a sale with a crisp front page.

Photography can also convert. In a world dominated by social media, many people reach websites from platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These clicks are often the result of a post from a trustworthy friend. Using imagery in a post results in a ninety-four percent higher retweet rate on Twitter with similar effects found on Facebook.

The result is more sales. Demand Metric and Brightcove found an increase in sales of 20 percent when using the visual medium.

How can I make my video and photography stand out?

Professional video and photo production are essential to your campaign. Professionals understand how to use lighting, angles, and their subjects to maximize the effect of your content. 

These experts also use modern editing equipment. This allows them to tune your content for optimal impact through additional audio tracks, the addition of text, and minor tweaks to lighting. Tightly cropped images with a clear and well-presented subject are far more powerful than those coming straight from the camera.

Our employees understand how to reach your target market through the production of high-quality video and imagery. We understand how to meaningfully present your message in a way that connects directly with your local audience.

If you need help improving your marketing campaign, images can help. Our experts in photo and video production in Toronto and Ontario are ready to make an impact on your bottom line. Contact us today.

Photo Video Production Toronto Ontario
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