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Nowadays, videos have become the most effective strategy to boost products and services online. Companies have adopted this type of content; first of all because currently 80% of the material used by worldwide users are videos. Besides, these contents are wich generates more shares and interaction with the users.

But the advantages of using audiovisual content go beyond the audience. When you generate and share quality videos, the algorithms that regulate feeds reward you with better positioning and greater organic reach. However, making a top-of-the-line production that produces results is not an easy task. The wisest thing is to have an extraordinary production company like Storia Photo+Video. You must know the characteristics that an exceptional video should have.

What Features Does A World-Class Video Production Have?

After you select the ideal production company, you should discuss certain technical aspects for your videos. These are the ones that an exceptional video must have:

  1. The Punch

Like written content, videos should be attractive (punchy). The message, setting, music, and other details should be aligned with your target audience and your marketing objectives. Also, it must be updated, relevant and provide added value to your viewers.

  1. Duration

A very long video can even damage your brand and your image. Although users are consuming more long-lasting videos, that's not what they look for when they click on an audiovisual that publishes a brand. According to trends, 2/3 of users prefer material that is about 60 seconds long. However, specialists give a margin between 30 and 90 seconds. Ask your producer to stay within those parameters.

  1. Go Mobile

Today almost all online traffic is generated from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The audiovisual production delivered to you must be able to be seen on any screen size; it means, it must be responsive. If you want an extraordinary video production in Toronto contact us; the Storia Photo+Video team is ready to assist you.

  1. Optimized

 Make sure it's optimized for the platform you're going to use it for. It is not the same to publish on Facebook than on Youtube, or use the video on a landing page than on your official website. It can be the same material, but it must be parameterized and optimized according to the case.

  1. The Subtitles

Most of the videos that users watch do so without sound activated. For example, 85% of the material viewed on Facebook is in mute mode. So how will you get the message to the user? Subtitles are an exceptional tool for you to achieve this goal, as well as increasing the level of interest of viewers.

  1. A Clear Call to Action

All advertising content must seek that the user does something defined, and videos are no exception. First, you must make sure that the video has a clear value proposition, and then it must provide the customer with a defined option for the action (subscribe to something, follow you, visit you, buy, among others).

Trust the Experts!

If you want to boost your business with the most outstanding video production in Toronto, Storia Photo+Video is your ideal choice. We are the leading company in Canada in the production of commercial and promotional videos. Let Frank and Fiorella's 25 years of experience work for your business. Contact us.

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