Videography in Toronto

Storia's Videography in Toronto adds power to any campaign. With the ability to convey a message faster than text and appealing to emotions, visual marketing is an essential part of your advertising.

Do people respond to video marketing?

Video marketing is powerful in an age where ninety-three percent of communications is non-verbal. While only 20 percent of your customer base remembers information from text, eighty percent of people remember visuals. Videography is uniquely poised to combine the abilities of text, audio, and visual.

Our clients firmly believe in video. Ninety percent of our customers claim that this form of marketing, in conjunction with brand photography, vastly improves their image and customer base.

Can video help me reach my audience online?

Search engine and online marketing require cutting through the clutter to reach your customers. Only twenty-nine percent of people reach the second page of Google results. Click-through rates drop more dramatically for paid terms. The average click-through for an AdWords campaign is only three percent.

The most effective form of online marketing combines content that sells your brand with calls to action and even email. Videography is a core component of a successful campaign. Websites with videos have a clickthrough rate 300 times higher than those that do not.

Video increases your search engine visibility as well. Forrester Research found that pages with a video were fifty times more likely to reach the first page of Google. People find this information more compelling, resulting in more organic traffic and higher rankings.

Combining brand photography with video increases the potency of advertising. Followers are 94 percent more likely to retweet posts with images on Twitter. Using this platform to drive traffic to your website with a video to increase click-through rate and promote your brand increases the likelihood of a sale.

Still, it is important to remember the power of your brand and text. Search engines use text and branding to ensure that your content is relevant to a user. Our services help derive the most potent and relevant message from your company.

What is the return on investment for visual marketing?

Eighty-three percent of businesses believe that video marketing directly impacts their bottom line. This belief is not unfounded. Demand Metric and Brightcove found a 20 percent higher conversion rate when using video.

Businesses convey vast amounts of information in an image and make a lasting emotional impact. People connect with your subjects in a way that takes paragraphs of well-crafted text. People process the picture of a family enjoying a picnic much faster than the countless number of words required to convey the same information.

Still, people see up to 5000 advertisements every day. This bombardmentnt makes standing out from the crowd increasingly important. Storia providers professional videography in Toronto. Faced with so much information, most people ignore messages presented to them.

Our trained experts help drive your message while creating compelling, memorable content. Contact us today to find out how we can benefit your campaign.


Videography in Toronto
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